The Kitchen

World Cuisine and Cooking Workshops

World Cuisine

A lifestyle, passionate about great food and fine wine

In Mapuyampay, all meals are prepared by the Belgian-born chef and cookbook author; Ruth Van Waerebeek, former Peter Kump’s NY Cooking School (now ICE) instructor and since 2000, a brand ambassador and executive chef for the mayor international events of Chile’s leading Winery Concha Y Toro.

Ruth has a predilection for the bold flavours of the New World Cuisine, larded with Belgian specialties, or aromatic Moroccan and Indian spiced dishes… on other occasions she will surprise you with exotic Vietnamese spring rolls or a crisp tempura…

A wealth of culinary knowledge that she brought back from her many travels and by cooking side by side with cooks in Asia, Russia, south-America and Europe.

Our Table

“What sets us apart from so many restaurant kitchens?” It’s simple, we make everything fresh, in small batches and use the best possible ingredients. We strongly believe that in the kitchen you just can’t cut corners! Perfectionists as we are, we make our own ice creams and sorbets, jams, chutneys and condiments, breakfast breads, chocolates, cookies… you name it.

Avid gardeners, Ruth and Vicente grow most fruits, vegetables and herbs on the property, organic, needless to say…and before class we’ll go and pick what we need for our meal. The rest of the produce, we buy in the fresh market of Curicó, la feria, a wonderful place to visit! And you’re always welcome to accompany us to the market!

Central in our culinary approach are the wonderful Chilean wines, and you will be introduced in the fascinating world of pairing fine food with great wines. Working closely with the wine makers in Concha y Toro for more than 12 years, Ruth is a true expert in choosing the right flavours to highlight each particular wine.

Mapuyampay disposes of a well-furnished wine cellar, with some of the best Concha y Toro wines and interesting finds of local, smaller wineries (all very reasonably priced – we want you to take advantage of being in wine country!). Vicente will gladly guide you in your selection of the perfect wine to accompany your meals.

Our Cooking Workshops

Our chef believes that the only way to learn to cook is to do it yourself. While Ruth will demonstrate the techniques, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and put what you have seen into practice. The lessons are informal and our chef is flexible and willing to add those special dishes you always wanted to learn to make. Just ask.

All Cooking Workshops (Minimum 2 persons, maximum 10 ) are hands-on, take about 4 hours, and are dictated in our spacious and professional kitchen. After class we all sit down under the shady vines to enjoy the dishes prepared in class with a nice glass of wine.

For every class you will receive a booklet including recipes of all the dishes made during your stay.